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I wrote that headline in 2013.  Much more recently, I could write a headline that reads:  Justin Verlander and Clayton Kershaw…another very frustrating post-season performance.  Two of the top statistically dominant and winning pitchers in Major League baseball during the regular season, hold a just as surprising statistical and losing pitcher status during their post-season performances.

Justin Verlander:  But in the World SeriesVerlander is 0-6 with a 5.68 ERA in seven career starts….Oct 30, 2019  What is going on here?

Clayton Kershaw:

As I said, back in 2013 about top professional golfer, Jim Furyk, I am inviting the reader to fast-forward to post-season baseball the past few years with Justin Verlander and Clayton Kershaw in mind as you read the next part of my blog post…

Innovative and tangible mental and emotional training tools are available, so athletes can dependably and rapidly produce a relaxed body and calm mind even under the pressure of playing for the championship on the back nine on Sundays.  Top professionals like Mr. Furyk no longer have to suffer a final round collapse!  In a FOX on-line news story about the recent BMW Championship, there is the writer’s comment about Jim Furyk, again leading going into the final round, losing another tournament.  It states: “Furyk’s victory drought is now at three years, and he has failed to win the last six times he had at least a share of the lead going into the final round.”

I want Mr. Furyk and Justin Verlander and Clayton Kershaw and others to know they can learn the brain science that teaches us that thought-and emotion-patterns related, in these three top athletes’ cases, to performance trouble spots in final rounds/World Series games literally travel from the brain into the body and the pattern is reproduced at a cell level.  For Mr. Furyk, six times and counting now.  I know, as a sport performance mental trainer specializing in mind/body performance patterns, that this pattern can be totally cleared out of the mind/body system using tangible techniques that are fast and effective.  Athletes who key on their mental training as the key to making them complete athletes want something they can actually do when under big-time pressure, rather than “fighting their body and head” to stay calm in those critical moments.  These techniques are transforming athletes into champions because they consistently perform with a relaxed body, calm mind no matter what.  Specifically, the mental training system I am teaching matches well with the pace and timing of golf; techniques a professional or recreational golfer can use anytime during each round of tournament play, at any moment of play. One young golf professional sent me a text following our work together to let me know that she had just shot the lowest single round score of her professional career.  I will be writing about some specific techniques in upcoming blog posts.  Stay tuned in please!

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