Sport Performance Mental and
Emotional Fitness Training Services

I am a down-to-earth dedicated innovator and always-on-the-leading-edge type of personal-change practitioner. I have been complimented, over the past 30 years, for “demystifying” the seemingly complex world of human psychology and motivation; making it much simpler to understand and use.

I am bringing personal-change methods from “behind the therapist’s door” into the sports arena; showing coaches, parents, and athletes that there are many quick, practical and effective methods available to athletes from the Psychology field, Sport Psychology field and, now, the exciting and innovative Energy Psychology field.

Scope of services:

  • Services provided to middle school, high school, college athletes
  • Services also provided to recreational athletes (all ages) and professional athletes
  • Services provided (training the trainers) to currently practicing sport psychologists and sport performance/mental skills trainers

Start of services:

  • Initial phone/video conversation
  • Initial Single Session
  • Session Package Discounts for 3, 6, and 9 Sessions

Onsite Workshops and Consultation:

Greg is available to work with you in person, by phone, or on location. He offers session packages to reduce costs and optimize results. He works with individual athletes as well as teams and coaches.

Please call Greg for fee quotes and explanation of the listed service offerings at (541) 971-9810 or

Video Options

  • Individuals and/or
  • Part-Team and/or
  • Whole Team
  • Coaching Staff
Video meeting formats

  • video meeting software
  • Skype: greg.warburton1
  • Facetime on I-phone

Private in-person Sessions

  • Provided in my local geographic area
  • I periodically will travel to your location/your place of business

“More than any other professional I have encountered in the past 30 years, Greg’s ethical principles are ‘instantly obvious up front.’ They guide not only what he does but even the language he uses in talking to people.”

– Michael L. Myers, PhD, Clinical Psychology

“Greg teaches practical methods to help athletes become self-reliant with clearing emotional upset out of their system. He also takes some pressure off the coaches: we no longer have to struggle with just the right thing to say or do.”

– Patrick Murphy, Head Coach, University of Alabama Softball.
(Women’s College World Series Champions, 2012)

“Thanks for your time, wisdom and heart!”

– Andy Lopez, Head Coach (retired), University of Arizona
(2012 College World Series Champions)

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