Greg is an author, teacher, professional counselor, a dedicated innovator in the fields of mental health and sport performance. Greg grew up living and breathing sports with a father as a coach of multiple sports. A traumatic leg amputation shortly after completing his first marathon at age 27 didn’t slow him down. He asked himself, What do I have to do now to live a productive life? With his never-give-up attitude, he remains a life-long athlete. He returned to Graduate School and became a Mental Health Counselor. His own life experience and a 39-year counseling career with kids, teens and parents enabled him to develop a sport-performance mental and emotional fitness training system that transforms athletes into Champions. Greg re-entered the world of Sports Performance 14 years ago focusing on Mental-Game Training. He now highlights the need to expand the paradigm beyond cognitive-based methods only to include higher consciousness and body-energy based methods that aren’t taught in the classroom, nor on the athletic field.

Innovative applied methodologies only survive if they produce results. Athletes and Coaches Greg has worked with have been consistently producing results. In 14 years, Greg has worked with key players on six Collegiate National Championship teams, with the most recent being the Oregon State University Baseball team in 2018 and the Southern Oregon University Softball team in 2019. Overall, Greg works with coaches, parents and athletes in middle school, high school and college throughout the United States.

Greg was an award-winning Instructor at an area Community College. From 1993 – 2011, he taught a 3-credit, 30 hour course entitled: Eliminate Self-Defeating Behavior.

Greg started INNER LIBERTY, INC. in 01/2006, operating his own counseling and consulting business to assist coaches, parents and student athletes with achieving the inner-freedom confidence that goes with becoming self-reliant; teaching them down-to- earth, time-tested, quick and effective mental-and- emotional self-management skills. Furthermore, Greg only teaches methods that he personally uses and knows work well for most people.

Life-long pursuits:

Greg continues to enjoy strength training/weightlifting. Utilizing the body-energy based practices in his weight training he continues to lift heavy weights pain free and injury free, having never had a physical injury. Greg at 5’ 9” tall and weighing 180 pounds met, at age 58, his long-time goal of lifting 225 lbs. (flat bench press/free bar) for 10 official repetitions.

Greg loved distance running. He had successfully run the first Great Potato Marathon in Boise, Idaho in 1979. He completed his performance by sticking with his positive performance phrase, run at your training pace. He also met his goal to run the entire 26.2 miles…not stopping/no walking. Not long after this race, Greg lost his right leg below the knee, at age 27, during a motorcycle/car wreck. Never “losing a step,” Greg, unable to continue running due to skin grafting, switched to recreational bicycling. He is enjoying moderately long rides (20-30 miles) with friends and steep hill climbing on his bicycle for overall fitness.

Greg has also, since purchasing his first self-help program in junior high school, been an avid reader and an open-minded life-long learner because life is never static…we are either growing/changing/evolving as human beings on Planet Earth… or we are diminishing.

Call Greg for fee quotes and explanations of his services at (541) 971-9810

“It is difficult to truly encapture the impact Dr. Warburton’s system has made on not only my game but my life in general.

The clarity with which Dr. Warburton’s system exposes individual truths and unearths fears was quite startling at first. It immediately got to the core of the challenges I had with the mental and emotional fitnesses of my game, some of those seemingly buried in layers of inability to deal with them; it was life-changing, and that felt so special.

My gratefulness to him is everlasting because he has given me the opportunity to, not only, be more accurately aware of how I feel, but also to master my ability to perform while experiencing those feelings.

While before my emotional and mental states on a tennis court were mostly random, Dr. Warburton has shed light on how to be able to seek out optimal performance consistently. He has given me a sense of security and groundedness that nothing else has ever given me.”

– Sem Verbeek, Professional Tennis Player

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