Greg Warburton ESDB

Greg Warburton ESDB


If I decide that I want to eliminate self-defeating behavior, then

Where do I start?

You start by noticing—just noticing
Without judgment or evaluation.

Well then, what is it that I am supposed to notice?

Be as still as possible right now. Watch and begin to notice your:

* Thoughts
* Beliefs
* Questions that you ask yourself
* Word habits
* Feelings/emotions habits
* Values—those things that you say matter most to you
* Self-honesty

If you don’t notice how you are running your life right now, then you can’t know what parts you want to keep and what parts you want to change.

Eliminating self-defeating behavior isn’t about more thinking, IT IS ABOUT STARTING TO WATCH the thoughts and feelings you are having right now; without criticizing or getting mad at yourself for the way you are presently thinking and feeling.

Again, it is important to also start watching your feelings (for which I define as…feelings are thoughts linked to physical sensations in your body)…so also watching your feelings quite simply means to begin to notice what and where you feel your thoughts in your body…

And for a “warp-speed boost” with your results…
TO TRIGGER RAPID CHANGE START BY TELLING YOURSELF THE TRUTH! about what thoughts and feelings you notice as you begin watching…

Remember you can’t make any lasting changes unless you start with telling yourself the truth!

I call this practicing the courage of self-honesty.  I believe it is essential that you know the answer to the question, “Who is the most important person to tell the truth to?” Practicing telling yourself the truth is a courageous act that leads to awareness about individual habits.  I call the overall practice “self-honest self-observation;” becoming skilled at reading your mind and reading the sensations in your body.

Consider mastering the art of self-honest self-observation!

Following are some short-story moments of three students who decided to immediately begin practicing the ESDB methods I taught.  Remember, you can choose to diligently practice behavior change, just like these three students did “right off the bat!”

I’m glad I was in trying times and at my worst when I took your class. If I was healthy and feeling great, then it would have been really easy to change my thoughts (temporarily) and then slip back into old habits when times got tough. I will continue to do the affirmations everyday and I am changing my life for the better…You showed me examples in your life that worked and you didn’t just teach it out of a text book. I appreciate you sharing your stories and your life with everyone and I know I’m not the only one who you have positively influenced in their life. I can’t put a price tag on what you have taught me, but I want you to know that you have changed my life. Who knew that in 4 days you could teach me something that I can use every day for the rest of my life!

Former student, J_____

I walked into a weekend class that was surely just for the credit and filling my life past the level of full with its time commitment, to find what I needed so desperately. I found me! I was re-introduced to the idea that my mind could be used to help me, not hinder me. That if I could stay right here in the moment, my life would change, I could change. I was especially interested in the idea of noticing your thoughts because I could not even remember the last thought I did have, although they race through my head so much I can barely sleep. Just notice, don’t judge. I learned through the process who I really was right then. I was scared, critical, judgmental, but wait those were just my thoughts and I am not my thoughts, I have a choice of which ones I attach myself to. I then started to notice and then redirect, when “I am so lazy, I should of paid that bill a week ago” came into my head I would stop and change it to “I want to start paying things right when I get them in the mail, just sit down and write a check;” inastantly I would feel better! I had a plan without the guilt!!! I started noticing patterns in my thinking and seeing how closed off my mind had been. Everyday I now try to start off with a positive thought like the one, “I am blessed to have today. I am open to the opportunities of my heart, mind, and spirit. I attract love and kindness. Financial abundance flows through me.” I give myself a gift by doing this each morning. What a great way to start the day.!

Former student, C_____

Greg, Again I want to thank you for the information you brought into my life. I am still as excited as I was the last day of class. I am focused on what I want and am able to be in the moment…It is a huge change from living in the past or the future. It is such a relief to only have to be in one place at a time, this moment. Being in the moment and watching my thoughts has helped me grow and become the type of person I have always looked up to; the type of person I did not believe I was “good enough” to be.

Former student, S______