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I am a down-to-earth and always-on-the-leading-edge type of personal-change practitioner. I have been complimented, over the past 30 years, for “demystifying” the seemingly complex world of human psychology and motivation; making it much simpler to understand and use.  I am bringing personal-change methods from “behind the therapist’s door” and into the sports arena; showing coaches, parents, and athletes that there are many quick, practical and effective methods available to athletes from the Psychology field, Sport Psychology field and, now, the exciting and innovative Energy Psychology field.

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  • Onsite Workshops and Consultation: Greg is available to work with you in person, by phone, or on location. He offers session packages to optimize results. He works with individual athletes as well as teams and coaches.Please call Greg for fee quotes and explanation of the listed service offerings at (541) 971-9810 or contact him by email to request services.



Thank you for taking the time to meet today. I always am inspired by being around people that are expert in their field. In our couple of meetings, I have been struck by your calm presence, insight, and balanced perspective.

I also appreciate your knack for making something as grand as sports psychology and the various related strategies and concepts seem simple.

Eric, Head Baseball Coach

Thanks to modern technology we can be more flexible with our services.  I now offer more opportunities for us to communicate.  Here is a small list of my current available services.

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