About Greg Warburton

About Greg WarburtonAfter 25 years as a successful mental health counselor for kids and teens, Greg started INNER LIBERTY, INC. in 01/2006 to run his own counseling and consulting service to assist parents, coaches and young people with achieving the inner-freedom confidence that goes with becoming self-reliant; to teach young people how to build the confidence to handle life on their own. Greg utilizes Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Energy Psychology (EP) methods as key components for his work with clients. Greg has re-entered the world of athletics in the past 5 years, working with athletes and sports teams at Oregon State University, Texas Tech University, Northwest Nazarene University, Linn-Benton Community College and some area high school teams in southern Idaho and the Corvallis, Oregon area. Greg is providing the “how to” component to these athletes who have been advised to learn to be mentally strong if they want to be champions.

Greg is also teaching content from his community college course, Eliminate Self-Defeating Behavior, to athletes. The core content and practices that he is teaching to assist student athletes with becoming skilled mental/emotional self-managers are quick, practical and effective. Greg is providing the “how to” component to these athletes who have been advised to learn to be mentally strong if they want to be champions. Greg has written several hand-outs to assist with the move toward “bedrock” implementation of all of the mental-and-emotional-self-management methods he teaches.

Greg wants it known he is a practitioner who has direct, real-life experience with the material and methods he teaches and that he personally uses the methods he teaches; he didn’t “just read it in a book.” Greg has been a very successful innovator in his mental health work and is looking to finish, in 2010, an ongoing book project to assist parents with helping their kids and teens achieve self-reliance. Greg is now also a leader in bringing innovative methods into the sports-performance world. Greg knows, throughout his career, that his successful introduction of innovative methods has been rooted in quick and positive results. Greg has an unshakable belief that the young people he works with are the experts in their lives; he simply effectively “sets the stage” for them to become self-motivated about taking charge of their own lives—ultimately building the inner confidence of self-reliance.

Greg is a lifelong athlete who grew up “living and breathing” sports with his two younger brothers. His father was a two-sport college athlete in Idaho who became a teacher and a coach and started the baseball program at Minico High School in 1967. Greg played one year of college baseball, then stopped to focus on academics and his career. After college graduation in 1974, during the next 5 years, Greg experienced the deaths of two grandmothers and both of his parents. Then in 1979, Greg experienced a life-threatening and life-altering motorcycle-car wreck where he was riding the motorcycle and did lose his right leg below the knee. As with all positive and determined people, of which Greg is one, he never looked back. He began his recuperation, following the wreck in 1979, by volunteering at a boy’s ranch for teens in trouble. He came to be viewed as a “natural” with kids and went on to get his master’s degree in Counseling at Oregon State University in 1984. He has been working as an innovative mental health practitioner ever since. As a life-long athlete, Greg ran one full marathon before his motorcycle wreck. He then had to give up running, but does bicycle. Greg is also one of the top weight lifters in his age category, using the methods he teaches, at the athletic club where he regularly works out.

Greg remains an innovator and is now one of the nation’s leaders in bringing some of the innovative methods of EFT and EP into the sports world. He is one of only a handful of practitioners working with college and high school sports teams using these methods.

Greg has been a mental health practitioner very successfully working with kids, teens and families on eliminating self-defeating behaviors and addressing the psychology of personal change for 25-plus years. He is known for taking complex issues and teaching simple, practical and effective methods to address the issues.

For the past 15 years Greg has taught at a local community college, Linn-Benton Community College. He was given an “Outstanding Instructor” award for the 3 credit, 30-plus hour class he teaches entitled, “Eliminate Self-Defeating Behavior.”

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