Two top level Division I college pitchers recently said to me, “I wanted something I could do phsyically and now I have something I can actually do…using a tangible mental-training tool…instead of “fighting my head.”  One pitcher said, “I had tried to stay positive, but it didn’t work for me when I was already upset…instead, it turned into what I call ‘fighting my head.’”  Now I can physically tap/massage acupuncture energy points to clear upset out of my system and dependably play with a relaxed body, calm mind.  The other pitcher, who worked his way back into the starting rotation after two starts where he walked the first three hitters, said now he has something he can actually do for his mental/emotional preparation for pre-game and in between innings of games he is pitching.  While using this tangible “tapping” tool, he told me he threw 4 innings and 7 innings without walking a batter.  He was then placed back into the starting rotation and he threw 7 2/3 innings, walked one and was the winning pitcher.  To see details of of this method, popularly called EFT Tapping go to and click on the EFT/EP page.

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