Last week, Matt Schaub’s first pass of the night was intercepted…”pick 6!”  There is an explanation and a solution to “contagious” bad performance patterns.  Schaub has had a pass intercepted and returned for a touchdown in four consecutive games now.  This week he left with an injury.  A national sports news personality says, “He has to get his confidence back and I don’t know how he does that?”   As I said in my last blog post, I want Mr. Schaub and others to know they can learn the brain science that teaches us that thought and emotion patterns related, in his case, to repeated performance problems in ”re-producing interceptions” literally travel from the brain into the body and the pattern is reproduced at a cell level…the negative, self-defeating pattern now “lives” in the body/mind until it is interrupted and a new pattern forms.  For Mr. Schaub the repetitive pattern is now throwing  interceptions, often at key points,  game to game.  I know, as a sport performance mental trainer specializing in mind/body performance patterns, that this pattern can be totally cleared out of the mind/body system using tangible techniques that are fast and effective.  Athletes who key on their mental training as the key to making them complete athletes want something they can actually do when under big-time pressure, rather than “fighting their head” to stay calm in those critical moments.  These techniques are transforming athletes into champions because they consistently perform with a relaxed body, calm mind no matter what.  This critical, performance changing information is available for anyone looking to clear negative performance patterns out of their body/mind system.

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