Along with sport performance mental training coaching, I also contract counseling services with a child advocacy center called ABC House.  They are holding their 3rd annual Runaway Pumpkin half-marathon event this Saturday, October 19…there is still time to register on line  at   At the event, before the race I will conduct my 3-minute mind/body energy warm up from my mental-training system for all interested runners.  This will occur approximately 15 minutes prior to the start of the race on the main stage…again it is for any interested runners who want to get a fast mental/emotional/physical boost for their run.

Between now and the Runaway Pumpkin event on October 19, ABC House and I will be posting a series of blog posts between myself (mental training coach Greg Warburton)  and Kristen  leading up to her successfully  completing her first marathon on her first attempt. (Portland Marathon, 2012)  Kristen is a 46-year old recreational runner, working wife and mother of two teen boys still fitting in training time (written with her permission).  This series is “Inside the mental training session” and the email string has been left just as it occurred during Kristen’s mental/physical training leading up to her successful marathon run.

On Aug 22, 2012, at 7:24 PM, greg warburton wrote:

Hey Kristen,

> How are you doing with your marathon training and shin-splint management???

…as you notice you’re tapping has put you in the “clear” emotionally from any upsetting aspects of your performance, then you can shift the language to sound something like:

“I choose to remember in my whole mind and body (using your words from your email) “…things feel better and I am pleased with my progress.”

OR “I choose to remember this run, this great feeling, etc.  in my whole mind and body (and you can focus specifically on body parts for recovered health and healing)

Feel free to call upon me anytime. Greg

Hi Greg,

My training is much, much better than a couple weeks ago. I have been working with the tapping technique you taught us. In combination with a doctor’s appointment, I’m doing a lot better. The doc determined I have post tibular tendonitis, not shin splints. He said physical therapy would be my best plan, but he okayed running, given my timing with the marathon. He said it was unlikely that running would make things worse, as long as I can do so without (much) pain. He said it may even go away on its own. If not, I’ll seek physical therapy after the marathon. It was such a relief that it wasn’t shin splits and wouldn’t become a stress fracture, I think I felt better immediately!

I was able to get back on track last week, including a long run. I have 20 miles on the schedule Friday… I’m back to running 4-5 days a week plus cross-training, and my leg doesn’t hurt once I get going.

I did want to ask about the tapping–As things improve, what is the change in wording? Instead of “I am worried about the pain in my right leg…” or” I am frustrated by the pain in my leg…” As things feel better and I am pleased with my progress, what do I say?  Thanks for any direction you can give us!  See next post in the email string tonight after 7 pm Pacific.

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