Along with sport performance mental training coaching, I also contract counseling services with a child advocacy center called ABC House.  They are holding their 3rd annual Runaway Pumpkin half-marathon event this Saturday, October 19…there is still time to register on line  at  At the event, before the race I will conduct my 3-minute mind/body energy warm up from my mental-training system for all interested runners.  This will occur approximately 15 minutes prior to the start of the race on the main stage…again it is for any interested runners who want to get a fast mental/emotional/physical boost for their run.

Between now and the Runaway Pumpkin event on October 19, ABC House and I will be posting a series of blog posts between myself (mental training coach Greg Warburton)  and Kristen  leading up to her successfully  completing her first marathon on her first attempt. (Portland Marathon, 2012)  Kristen is a 46-year old recreational runner, working wife and mother of two teen boys still fitting in training time (written with her permission).  This series is “Inside the mental training session” and the email string has been left just as it occurred during Kristen’s mental/physical training leading up to her successful marathon run.

THIS IS THE FOURTH IN THE EMAIL STRING (SEE PREVIOUS BLOG POSTS FOR INITIAL EMAIL POSTINGS WITH KRISTEN)  If you are wondering about the “tapping” idea referred to in these blog posts click on EFT/EP on my website homepage to read about it.  It is innovative and performance changing mental and emotional training practice for sport, academics, relationships and life.

From: Kristen

Sent: Sunday, September 30, 2012 7:31 AM

To: greg warburton

Subject: Re: I heard the good news!

Hi Greg,

Thanks for the continued coaching. It really helps. I like this new thinking you’re suggesting because it’s hitting right where I am at this point.

I’m almost afraid to say it, but I feel really great! Mentally and physically, I think I am prepared. I have had a couple really good longish runs the last two weeks as I have been dropping down miles.

After the 21-miler, I did 12, then 8. Both were around a 9:30 min/mile pace, which is my ideal pace. I have been doing the long runs more like 10:30, so it felt good to hold a little quicker pace. I have no idea where I’ll be on marathon day. I’d like to finish with a 10:30 average pace, which would bring me in around 4:35. My last 1/2 in July, I finished at 2:08:34, but I am expecting to go a fair bit slower for double the distance. My main goal is to run as much as possible, walk only aid stations as needed, and not bonk out late in the race.

I am feeling funny about so little running this week (just 2 and 3 milers), but I am trusting the plan and will be working on hydration, fuel, and good sleep all week.

I’ll let you know how it’s going!


From Greg


Tap for “I still have some doubts…I choose to let go of all noticed and unnoticed doubts now, as I have successfully passed all of the “pre-qualifying” test runs headed into my final marathon prep!

And tap each day for mental/emotional/physical recovery…hopefully you are already doing so…something like,

I choose to quickly and easily recover in my whole mind and body from the 21-mile run…especially focusing on any specific parts of your body that you read as tired, sore, weary…for example, I choose to quickly and easily recover in my lower legs, shin area at a joint level, bone level, muscles level and even cell level…

And begin to mentally rehearse/vividly visualize yourself running and completing the Portland marathon (see it, hear it, feel it).

All the best to you and please stay in touch as you complete your final prep…

ever onward,  greg

P.S.  and do give yourself credit for your perseverant spirit…being a stick-with-it person matters with marathon training…I will until, eh?


On Oct 6, 2012, at 10:32 PM, “greg warburton”  wrote:


jUST our vote of confidence and a reminder below,

a reminder…you can tap body-energy points during your run…

I am getting excited with you…notice below your comment, “I’m almost afraid to say it, but I feel really great”  restate this sentence of yours and tap the energy points and watch for the shift from caution/doubt/fear to simply…

the KNOWING “I Am Ready!”

All you have to remember is to tap for whatever you are thinking and/or feeling in the moment, as you enjoy the marathon…don’t change the thought/feeling at all…just tap the energy points while tuning your mind to your present-moment thinking/feeling right up to the time of the race…

About your race pace…when you know you are “in the clear” mentally/emotionally from doubt/fear/worry…set the INTENTION…I choose to know my pace from start to finish/I choose to complete the marathon at a 10:30 average pace!

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, remember you can tap energy points all throughout the marathon…again tapping for whatever you experience is in the moment…so, for example, if you feel tired or sluggish or out of breath or have some physical discomfort…tell yourself the truth about what you are experiencing right then and tap the points…which you can do even while running…tap points you know work well for you, don’t worry about tapping all of the points.



P.s. consider using the tapping protocol I sent you on race day…


Kristen  Sent  from my iPhone  October 7

Did IT! Oh what an experience! I finished at 4:40, just off my mark. I am okay with that because I ran my butt off! Really tired and walk breaks between 23-25. Finished strong.

I did tap throughout. Got tight hips around mile 20. Tapping seemed to help me work through. I plan to do lots of tapping for recovery and will let you know how I am feeling.

Thanks so much for your guidance!

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