Along with sport performance mental training coaching, I also contract counseling services with a child advocacy center called ABC House.  They are holding their 3rd annual Runaway Pumpkin half-marathon event this Saturday, October 19…there is still time to register on line  at  At the event, before the race I will conduct my 3-minute mind/body energy warm up from my mental-training system for all interested runners.  This will occur approximately 15 minutes prior to the start of the race on the main stage…again it is for any interested runners who want to get a fast mental/emotional/physical boost for their run.

Between now and the Runaway Pumpkin event on October 19, ABC House and I will be posting a series of blog posts between myself (mental training coach Greg Warburton)  and Kristen  leading up to her successfully  completing her first marathon on her first attempt. (Portland Marathon, 2012)  Kristen is a 46-year old recreational runner, working wife and mother of two teen boys still fitting in training time (written with her permission).  This series is “Inside the mental training session” and the email string has been left just as it occurred during Kristen’s mental/physical training leading up to her successful marathon run.

THIS IS THE THIRD  IN THE EMAIL STRING (SEE PREVIOUS BLOG POSTS FOR INITIAL EMAIL POSTINGS WITH KRISTEN)  If you are wondering about the “tapping” idea referred to in these blog posts click on EFT/EP on my website homepage to read about it.  It is innovative and performance changing mental and emotional training practice for sport, academics, relationships and life.

From: Kristen Sparks
Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2012 6:08 AM
To: greg warburton
Subject: Re: greg warburton sending along one more vote of confidence…

Thanks for the votes of confidence! I will give those doubts some tapping time. I feel pretty good this week, just nervous for that 21-mile training run.

The marathon is October 7. I won’t be anywhere near the 3:45 mark!

I will let you know how this week goes–


Hi Kristen,

Tap for “just nervous for that 21-mile training run”… remember you tap the energy points while feeling the feelings of the upset thought/feeling energy…

then when you can think about the 21-mile run and have no upset emotional reactivity, use the pre-run protocol, some form from the daily practice page…

After you have noticed what is happening in your mind/body system—try the following sequence while tapping:

I’m letting go of all noticed and unnoticed tension now in my mind and body & joints and muscles

I’m letting go of all noticed and unnoticed negative energy right now

I’m choosing to transform this energy into a powerful performance/long-training run

I’m choosing to create a laser-like focus on my true athletic ability

I’m choosing to feel calm, energetic, and focused

I’m choosing to easily move into the flow of my long training run.

I’m choosing to enjoy pain-free long runs—let it be easy and fun!

Note:  Please remember that you want to choose words that have meaning to you, any words I write are only suggestions and can be changed.

AND finally, you can begin to mentally associate:  MORE PRESSURE, MORE FUN!  Greg

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