Along with sport performance mental training coaching, I also contract counseling services with a child advocacy center called ABC House.  They are holding their 3rd annual Runaway Pumpkin half-marathon event this Saturday, October 19…there is still time to register on line  at  At the event, before the race I will conduct my 3-minute mind/body energy warm up from my mental-training system for all interested runners.  This will occur approximately 15 minutes prior to the start of the race on the main stage…again it is for any interested runners who want to get a fast mental/emotional/physical boost for their run.

Between now and the Runaway Pumpkin event on October 19, ABC House and I will be posting a series of blog posts between myself (mental training coach Greg Warburton)  and Kristen  leading up to her successfully  completing her first marathon on her first attempt. (Portland Marathon, 2012)  Kristen is a 46-year old recreational runner, working wife and mother of two teen boys still fitting in training time (written with her permission).  This series is “Inside the mental training session” and the email string has been left just as it occurred during Kristen’s mental/physical training leading up to her successful marathon run.

THIS IS THE SECOND IN THE EMAIL STRING (SEE PREVIOUS BLOG FOR INITIAL EMAIL POST WITH KRISTEN)  If you are wondering about the “tapping” idea in first and now second blog post click on EFT/EP on my website homepage.

On Sep 10, 2012, at 8:31 PM, greg warburton wrote:


Kristen began with the statement, “I am beginning to have lots of mental doubts about whether I can really do this.”


Remember one KEY is to tap the energy points for what is on your mind, without changing it…

So tap for your thought below, at least one round and see what happens

I am beginning to have lots of mental doubts about whether I can really do this…

After you clear out the doubt, then as constantly as humanly possible, you lock your mental focus onto how you do want to run from beginning to end; I call it staying in the “DO ZONE!”

As former Olympic champion, Lanny Bassham, says in his book, With Winning in Mind:

…the only thing that separates the winners from the others is the way they think.  Winners are convinced they will finish first. …

About another Olympic champion, he writes that the champion said, Everyone is after my medal, but they cannot take it from me!  I asked him why he was so certain he would win, Darrell’s answer was, I am more committed to mental training than any of my competitors!


LASTLY, REMEMBER TO TAP THE ENERGY POINTS SAYING SOMETHING LIKE, (USE YOUR OWN WORDS IF YOU LIKE)…I choose to quickly and easily recover in my whole mind and body…joints, muscles, heart, lungs, etc. you can be as specific as you like and really focus on specific body parts if you notice extreme fatigue or discomfort…from this training run, this workout, etc.

all the best to you, am on your team,


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