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Greg organized and was one of the practitioners for the first formal research project in the nation using EFT in sports. The research was conducted during the fall, 2007 with the Oregon State University men’s and women’s basketball teams. Dawson Church, then director of research for the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP), directed the study. Stacey Vornbrock, a noted fellow pioneering practitioner bringing EFT to the sports world, joined me as a fellow practitioner for the duration of the study. Click the following link,, to see a PDF of the scientific paper on the OSU experiment.

The Open Sports Science Journal, 2009, 2, 94 – 99 formal publication of the Oregon State University experiment

1.  From New York Times, June 24,2007 article written by Pat Borzi entitled, Beavers 11, Tar Heels 4  Oregon State One Win From a Second Title

2.  From Portland Tribune, February 19, 2008 article written by Kerry Eggers entitled, “Bigger, Wiser Reyes returns for OSU:”

“Reyes is working on the mental aspect of pitching with sports psychologist Greg Warburton, whom he first visited last year at the behest of then-OSU pitching coach Dan Spencer. Warburton met with Reyes and other Beaver pitchers last week.  NOTE: See page three (3) for Reyes comments on EFT.

I really took his thoughts into consideration last year,” Reyes says. I started doing some of the stuff he says, and it relaxed me. It’s helped me out a lot.”

3.  From the Oregonian, Monday, June 18, 2007 article written by Rachel Bachman entitled, “In Corvallis, suddenly there came a tapping:”

“Reyes, whom ESPN showed multiple times in his tapping routine during his 3-2 win over Cal State Fullerton, is a big fan of EFT.

‘We just call it tapping out,’ Reyes said.  ‘When I’m in the dugout, I just tap and I tell myself, You’re still pitching great. And if you’re doing anything bad, you just kind of tell yourself to flush it out by tapping.’”

Submitted by Greg on Tue, 03/30/2010 – 18:16

A colleague, Dr. Robert Schwarz, has recently published an article entitled, “Tapping into Your Potential” in the March 30, 2010 edition of OT – The Business & Lifestyle Guide for Professional Athletes.  He refers to my success in working with the Oregon State University baseball team.  He also refers to noted sports psychologist, Dr. Tom Hanson’s work as a “convert” to “tapping” and refers to a statement about the Energy Psychology method of “tapping” in which Dr. Hanson states, “I can double or even quadruple my results with people.”

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