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Greg has masterfully created and implemented a fast, simple and complete mental and emotional training system that appeals to young people, with a focus on athletic performance. Athletes say it is easy to use and gets results. Both books are available on Amazon.com, Barnes & Nobles and OutskirtsPress.com as well as other favorite book buying sites.

The Main Book

Warburton’s Winning System:  Tapping and Other Transformational Tools for Athletes is a second edition, updated, of Greg’s earlier e-Book entitled Peak Performance Mental Game: Stay in the Zone Using the Power of EFT in Sports. 

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The Second Book

A Fast-Start Guide to Warburton’s Winning System which is a short, yet complete, version of Warburton’s Winning System…30 years experience in 30 pages of content.

Below is the text on the back cover of my book:

Warburton’s Winning System transforms athletes into champions!

Have you ever wanted a dependable way to completely clear upsetting performances out of your system? Have you ever stalled out with mental training because you weren’t sure what to do? Are you ready to take control of the mental and emotional aspects of your athletic performance?

Warburton’s Winning System gives you powerful techniques to quickly and effortlessly focus your mind and control your emotions so you can consistently perform at your best under the pressure of competition. In contrast what you may have learned through traditional sport psychology, you don’t have to figure out what is wrong with you and why. Instead, you can take advantage of the latest in brain science and energy psychology by applying this comprehensive and innovative set of training tools for mental and emotional self-management.

Are you ready to stop “fighting your head,” hoping that you cleared bad-performance moments out of your system? Use this Fast-start Guide—a simple yet complete summary of Warburton’s Winning System—to quick-start your mental training. You can start today to dependably achieve a relaxed body and calm mind—the ideal performance state!

Greg Warburton grew up living and breathing sports. A traumatic leg amputation at age 27 didn’t slow him down—he remains a lifelong athlete. Greg only teaches methods that he personally uses.  His own life experience and a 30-year counseling career enabled him to develop a training system that transforms athletes into champions. In the past 7 years, Greg has coached key players on four Division I college teams on their mental training prior to their national championship wins, one in softball and three in baseball. He has also provided mental-training coaching for a national champion wrestler.

Greg Warburton
Greg’s eBook is going around the world! Buyers come from the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, South Africa, Chile, Brazil, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

Here is a lovely testimonial we just received 6/15/2011:

In his ebook, Peak Performance Mental Game, sports psychologist Greg Warburton addresses the one aspect of athletic performance that is often overlooked and which may be the most important thing yet—the mental game. Unlike the usual exhortations provided by those in the field to “be positive” and “visualize”, Warburton’s book takes this much further by providing a step by step approach to how to observe the mind and learn the emotional self-management skills that not only produce a better and more consistent performance but, more importantly, can be applied to all areas of life to enhance individual well-being. As noted psychiatrist, Daniel Segal often reminds us—what children need to build is resilience and Warburton’s book shows you in powerful and simple steps how to do just that! A must read for anyone involved in athletics or wanting to understand how mindfulness can be translated into action in any context.

—Béa Gonzalez
(mother of two young athletes)

The Power of EFT for Sports

Greg Warburton E-Book

Peak Performance Mental Game: Stay In The Zone Using The Power Of EFT For Sports

My eBook is now available. Peak Performance Mental Game: Stay In The Zone Using The Power Of EFT For Sports. I did not hold back, I put 30 years’ experience into 70-pages, providing a complete and dependable mental-game formula. A Free Peek Inside My eBook.

Peak Performance Mental Game: Fast-Start Guide
A companion guide to use with my eBook designed as a concise, yet complete ready reference for those intending to diligently practice mental-and-emotional self-management skills.

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