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Read what people are saying about my new eBook, Peak Performance Mental Game: Stay In The Zone Using The Power Of EFT For Sports.

Greg is one of the most professional people we have worked with in my 16 years at Alabama. He is great at what he does and gets results in a hurry. Greg teaches practical methods to help athletes become self-reliant with clearing emotional upset out of their system. He also takes some pressure off the coaches: we no longer have to struggle with just the right thing to say or do. He is top-notch at his work!

Patrick Murphy, Head Coach, University of Alabama Softball. Women’s College World Series 2012 National Champions…06/06/12

In his ebook, Peak Performance Mental Game, sports psychologist Greg Warburton addresses the one aspect of athletic performance that is often overlooked and which may be the most important thing yet—the mental game. Unlike the usual exhortations provided by those in the field to “be positive” and “visualize”, Warburton’s book takes this much further by providing a step by step approach to how to observe the mind and learn the emotional self-management skills that not only produce a better and more consistent performance but, more importantly, can be applied to all areas of life to enhance individual well-being. As noted psychiatrist, Daniel Segal often reminds us—what children need to build is resilience and Warburton’s book shows you in powerful and simple steps how to do just that! A must read for anyone involved in athletics or wanting to understand how mindfulness can be translated into action in any context.

Béa Gonzalez, Mother of two young athletes


Hello! Thank you for sending your Peak Performance Mental Game eBook so quickly to us. As a mom of a very competitive 12 year old baseball player, I am finding the techniques you have developed through EFT to be very practical, positive, and enlightening. As these young players develop- both athletically and mentally- it becomes more and more important to utilize techniques that can encourage self-acceptance and self-responsibility. As you carefully point out on page 43, the building blocks of self-reliance and independence start with the four building blocks of self-observation, self-honesty, self-responsibility and self-acceptance.

As a parent, who wouldn’t want to see their child develop these skills?

Currently, we are working specifically on working above the “Blame” line and focusing on what part of the situation could be his responsibility. In reference to page 44, my son can honestly state that he is “in between the “Im just fine, I don’t need to learn new stuff” box and the “I’m curious maybe I’ll look into it” box. When I heard him state to his coach at one game that:

“I know, I know, I know” (in reference to where he needs to be at cutoff on a play) he realized he really was in between those two boxes. Practicing Self-honesty allows oneself to listen with an open mind and allow yourself the opportunity to learn something new. Again, as a parent, these are very important life lessons to learn!

So….we are taking notes and practicing the art of observation, self-honesty and asking those quality questions that will shift his focus more towards “how do I want to play” rather than “what am I doing wrong?” or “why can’t I get ahead of hitters?”. I do want to meet again with you soon to check in on our progress. As a family, we are trying to incorporate the EFT within the game, along side his peers and coaches, so that it will be useful during a game situtation. At this age, it is so hard to want to conform- do what the “guys do”. I think developing a pre game plan, using the visualization techiniques, trying the “cross over” in the dugout and slowly incorporating more of the EFT techniques so that they become a “natural” process will be a great goal.

Also as a parent, it would be nice for more coaches at this level to follow and strengthen the techniques that are taught in your eBook. These kids that love sports can benefit so much more by refocusing on the “don’t to the do”. It pains me to hear some of the coaches still teaching the “Advice + nothing else = incomplete Mental-game System” model. Anyway, thanks again and when would be a good time to meet again?



Dear Greg,

I am so impressed after reading your ebook, which I see as a manual for teaching athletes about mental powers and giving them concrete exercises. It is easy to read and understand, and you have managed to build the book with coherence and understanding.

I would love to translate the manual and use in for training both athletes and coaches together with my own experience. I think I might get the opportunity to work with footballplayers from 16 years and up and I have a network of coaches within a variety of sports that I am know are interrested.

I will of course not do anything with this matter before we have agreed upon the roules of our cooperation. I think we have the same values for our cooperation and I hope you will find med thrustworthy.

Regarding the price of the book, it’s worth manytimes the price you have set! This book is special because it gives the readers easy exercises and information to use on a daily basis. This makes a great foundation to hold seminars with the manual as a basis to be confident in using our mental powers together with energy psychology methods.

Every athlete and coach know that they have to mentally strong, but very few know how to do it. The coach that I work together with he claims that 50-70% of the football is mentally. And how much time do the players use to better their mental strength? Well, it’s starting to change for some of us and your book will be a good supply to enlighten people.

If you could make a suggestion of a cooperation agreement, I am eager to get started!

I am on Skype, but I think we have some time differences but maybe we could find a time to have a talk. I would love to share som of my stories with you.

All the best!

Mette from Norway

Gratitude from Aus!

Dear Greg,

Trusting this reaches you in grand health and happiness.

I have read your book a number of times and am relating to it weekly as I work with my young cousin who is a footballer ( Rugby League )

It is invaluable. Thank you.

For me personally I also greatly appreciate the meridian chart at the back which notes the emotions and the body parts of each meridian. Thank you deeply for this information.

My daughter, who is a singer songwriter , and I regularly have tapping sessions and a lot of what you wrote we have been practising already and a lot of what you wrote we hadn’t… She is about to embark on a long and very popular tour and these new skills have been invaluable.

I look forward to the day when I can share Tapping with many more people in the Peak Performance arena and thank you most sincerely for sharing your experience and expertise.

What an incredible tool Tapping is? How fabulous that it is making its mark in sports!


How is FaceBook treating you? It is quite a remarkable tool once One gets a ‘hang’ of it! :-)

Once again, sincere thanks and Best wishes for all your moments, K_____ , Australia

Hi Greg,

Thanks for your email, very inspiring. In reply to your request, Iam athlete looking fo effective and dependable mental methods / techniques (amateur dance sport)

Also, I have read your book and was very impressed, even though I have been using EFT on and off and read alot of information about winning techniques. The most impressive piece of information for me was to acknowledge your true feelings and tap on them. This helped me alot yesterday, before a competition and also made me realise why I had blanked several times in my previous comp, as I had been telling myself Iwasn’t nervous – be positive etc keeping the feelings down then they suddenly take over in the middle of the comp with no warning! It’s great to think I can now stop this from happening again.

Many thanks, Michelle


I heard about your work from Dawson Church. I’m a clinician and author (9 books) specializing in men’s health. I’m working on a new book on Energy Medicine for men called Tapping Power and would like to include some of your experiences working with men and sports.

I’ll reply more fully when I return home. I’m on the road. For now, let me say that I read through your book briefly and I think it is excellent.

I believe it will be a real contribution to the field and I will include some of what you share in my new book. I’ll give you more information later.

Talk to you soon.

Best wishes, Jed

Read what people are saying about my services!



Thank you for taking the time to meet today. I always am inspired by being around people that are expert in their field. In our couple of meetings, I have been struck by your calm presence, insight, and balanced perspective.

I also appreciate your knack for making something as grand as sports psychology and the various related strategies and concepts seem simple.

Eric, Head Baseball Coach

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been a mental health practitioner for 30 years and have known Greg for some 15 years. I have had the opportunity to work with him as a fellow staff member at the Counseling Center, where I served as Clinical Supervisor.

Regarding my sense of Greg as a professional, I see him as a dedicated innovator. Not content to simply sit back and take the easy route, Greg is always looking for more effective tools and techniques, to empower those he works with to be the instrument of their own healing and change. At the same time, he ‘does his homework.’ He is well aware of the research base behind the techniques he employs. At the same time, Greg ‘knows the basics’ and is well-versed in the theoretical underpinnings of counseling, family systems and the change process.

In regard to my sense of Greg’s ethical awareness and ability to integrate ethical principles into his practice, I would have to say that this is perhaps the most striking feature of his work. Most counseling professionals seem to view ‘ethical principle’ as simply a set of rules they follow to ‘keep out of trouble.’ For Greg, it is clear that ethical principles are what drive, inform and motivate what he does and how he does it. More than any other professional I have encountered in the past 30 years, Greg’s ethical principles are ‘instantly obvious up front.’ They guide not only what he does but even the language he uses in talking to people. I have no doubts that this will continue to be true in whatever professional direction he chooses to go.

I have no reservations, therefore, in recommending him to you as a professional and colleague.


Michael L. Myers, PhD, Clinical Psychology

Hey Greg,

So here’s what my thoughts are. You can feel free to say anything that I’ve said about it so far just throughout our meetings. EFT has given me a strategy to deal with my mental and emotional part of the game. Before I had a way to deal with it I would get very overwhelmed with my feelings and had no way to fix them. Before, I would have just tried to forget my thoughts and act like the don’t exist. I know that that doesn’t work and tapping has become a part of my daily routine because of this. After I started tapping I realized that I was much more relaxed during games. If I were to get worked up, I would tap again, noticing my thoughts and being able to accept them and move on. That is one huge part of it that I really enjoy is learning how to recognized my thoughts. Even though sometimes I don’t like the thoughts that I am having, I am able to recognize and accept that I am feeling that way. I have learned that this can help me not only in the realm of sports, but also in my everyday life problems or worries. Learning a tool to manage my mental part of the game has improved my performance and has allowed me to focus on what I want to achieve, not what I don’t want to achieve.

As I was writing this, I was realizing just how thankful I am for you! Thank you for teaching me to realize and think about my thoughts, I don’t even like to imagine where I would be without this.

Thanks again!!!! I am going to talk to my team about possibly working with you more next year, because I know just how important it is!

Kelly Division I college softball player

Hey Greg,

I just wanted to tell you thank you. As I sit here and reflect on my time here at Oregon State, in my last weekend of being a softball player here, I think of the countless hours you spent listening to me and helping me cope/deal with my problems. I sure couldn’t have done it without you!

Anyways, I just want you to know how much you have helped me grow and mature as a person. I have really learned ways to deal with my stresses and problems in positive ways. I HONESTLY couldn’t have done this without you.

Thank you so much Greg!

-Kelly Division I college softball player

Hey Greg,

I just wanted to thank you for the continued effort to help me out in the process of my maturing process. Today I had a real big breakthrough in my life realizing that I was negative on every single aspect in my life until now. With your help, I am truly looking at everything in a different light now and I feel that my life is turning around for me. I am not worried about playing the outfield or struggling at the plate. Again, I just want to thank you because I did not realize how much negative thinking I used to have in my life.

Thanks for the help, Scott Division I baseball player

Hi Greg,

Thanks for the email! I have been meaning to write to you regarding my use of the tapping a the last tournament…

Before each of the three rounds, I went through a round of tapping in order to get me more energized. In my past tournaments I had a tendency to start out slow and it takes me a while to get warmed up. I definitely noticed a change in this part of my game when I tapped right before the round started.

Also, on the 11th hole of the second day of the tournament I did some tapping while standing out on the fairway waiting for the group in front of me to get off the green. One thing I do not like is slow play…when I have to wait for the group in front of me for more than a couple minutes y patience starts wearing..I noticed that I was starting to get anxious so I decided to tap (mainly on the top of my hand and my fingers). After about 3 minutes of tapping, the group in front of us got off the tee and it was my turn to hit. I hit my ball on the green 10 feet from the pin, and made my putt for EAGLE. I was the only girl at the tournament (out of 122 players) who scored better than a birdie at this golf course. I believe it was the tapping that helped me do this!

Thanks for everything you helped me with during our last meeting. I believe that tapping has helped me so much already-and not just for golf!

Thanks again. Cara Division I college golfer

Hi Greg,

I’m so sorry I didn’t get back to you right away to tell you how much I appreciate your help and support! I apologize profusely. I have looked at your handouts — which look great, and taken everything you’ve suggested into consideration. THANK YOU!!!!!!

I will see you at the conference the week after I have the meeting, which is great timing. I’m really looking forward to all of it! And thanks for your generous offer to talk with over the phone (I’ll likely take you up on it before I head up there), as well as for them to call you or the other coaches you’ve worked with. I will offer that to them as well.

Thanks again so much, Greg. Hope you’re doing well, and I look forward to talking with you soon — on the phone and in person!

Best regards,

Martha, Sports Performance practitioner