You no longer have to worry that … “All I got was advice.”  I will give you much more.
Athletes have said to me, “I like what you are teaching because now I have something I can actually do and can depend on to stay calm and relaxed and mentally tough.”

When I didn’t know any skills about recognizing my thoughts, I always wondered why I struggled in the frat inning or why o had that feeling of stress before the game. After learning skills I was able to identify these things and move past them, making me become much more successful.

You will learn mental-and-emotional-self-management skills so that you become self-reliant in handling the ups and downs in sports, in academics and in life. Unfortunately, mental-and-emotional-self-management skills are not taught in our formal education systems in the United States. This gap in curriculum spilled onto the sports field leaving coaches and players with the incomplete model that has been used for generations. I am bridging the gap by teaching methods, along with bringing you the latest innovations in mental-game techniques.

A former Division I college athlete wrote me the following email which summarizes becoming self-reliant and self-confident by diligently practicing managing the mental-and-emotional side of life…in sports and now in a new job/career:

“I think one if the biggest things that it taught me, was that I could allow my negative feelings and they could just pass through. It’s hard to have feelings of self doubt and continually have to push them under the surface. Once I allowed them and moved past them I was much more mentally successful. It also taught me tools that I could use quickly to change my focus or get focused in something. I still use the tapping routine that I used in college for job interviews or other stressful times of my life. I rely on realizing my thoughts and feelings daily to keep my mind clear and able to do the best job at my job as possible.”

Old Era
Advice + Nothing else = Incomplete mental-game system:  You can’t just give advice and not teach how to put it into practice…like a coach who only tells his players to “get mentally focused”  or “mentally tough” and then does nothing more on the mental side of their sport.  This is still too often the case in today’s sports world.

Newer Era
Advice + Cognitive (thinking) Methods = More complete mental-game system:   Some coaches and athletes are using cognitive methods taught by sports psychologists; though, sports psychologists still face the bind of saying “psychology” and having people think you are going to analyze what is wrong with them and why.   People learn that sports psychology, when demystified, teaches practical mental-game skill practice like consistently changing negative thinking (self-talk) to positive thinking.  Many of the sport psychology methods are practical and really do help athletes perform better.

Newest Era
Advice + Cognitive Methods + Mind/Body Methods = Total mental-game system:  A handful of sports performance practitioners, myself included, are adding mind/body methods to complete the mental-game model because science teaches us that your mind and body work together simultaneously, not separately.  Further, brain science teaches us that thoughts are energy.  Your thoughts don’t just stay in your brain.  The energy of your thoughts travels into your body and affects your physical performance.  The mind/body methods are effective and fast for relaxing your body and calming your mind, as well as, really clearing any negative energy out of your system.  Anyone can easily learn and practice these mind/body methods.

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  1. Michael Doyle Oct 21, 2011 at 22:41

    I love working with Greg because not only is his work with EFT simple and easy to follow, it is extremely dependable. What’s also great is he is available for advice and questions through skype, telephone, and email! He does not mind at all, and the best part about it, it’s free! Greg Warburton is great at what he does, and is in a class of his own. Looking forward to reaching my full and true potential!


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