I am writing a series of emails to focus on fast starts on performance goals in the New Year…

As I write in my eBook, Peak Performance Mental Game…conquering your mental game is an achievable goal and it starts with a series of steps and practices. One such practice, as you begin the New Year and have perhaps made some resolutions, has to do with questions.

Have you noticed what happens in your mind when you ask yourself a question?

Questions are a powerful mental-game tool…

 Lousy Questions = Lousy Answers:

Most New-Year resolutions begin and end in the first week of the year, often because of poor, often unnoticed questions like “Why can’t I ever…?” OR “When will I ever…?” OR “What is wrong with me that I don’t…?” OR “How come I never…?”

On the other side of the coin:

 Quality Questions = Quality answers

“What is one thing I can do right now to get started eliminating self-doubt about my performance?”

What do you notice happens in your mind the instant you ask this question?

Your mind instantly goes to work to answer the question you ask…so begin to practice noticing what questions you are asking!

Use your mental power of deciding, choose to value mental-game practice, do the practice AND, the instant your start, your performance life begins to change…

Ever onward with belief AND action!





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