In my book, Ask More, Tell Less: A Practical Guide for Helping Children Achieve Self-Reliance, I have a chapter entitled; Respond to Their Response which is a key practice for staying on the self-reliance pathway from the earliest of ages.

You will find in this post two interviews:

One with now 11-year-old Luke, who was reading Chapter books when at age 7 told his mother that he would like to write a book.

The second interview is with his mother, Heather speaking about her beliefs and how, in my words, she responded to Luke’s responsive statement that he would like to write a book.

One thing that is always in a parents’ control is what they choose to pay attention to in relation to their children. As you listen to these inspiring interviews, ask yourself, “How would I have responded to my seven-year-old telling me they want to write a book and what is my level of belief that they could accomplish this feat?”

Lucas Lightfoot and the Fire Crystal (Morgan James Kids)

Thank you to Luke and Heather Cowdell for their time. Please visit their website at For more information download their press kit here.

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